Sacramento Museums & History

Sacramento Museums & HistoryWhether you're inspired by learning about regional and state history, arts and humanities or people, places and things unique to the city, Sacramento museums will light up interest and spark your imagination. Our list of favorite places capture the city's history and uncovers its present.

California State Railroad Museum
Learn about the history of railway transportation and its impact on the golden state at the California State Railroad Museum. The museum displays more than 21 authentically restored locomotives and railcars from the days when railroad transportation was vital for industrial purposes and everyday life in America.

Address: 111 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 - MAP
Phone: (916) 445-6645

Crocker Art Museum
Expand your knowledge of fine art at the Crocker Art Museum. The museum showcases works of art from European, Asian, and North American masters, and extensive holdings in Californian art, European drawings, international ceramics and photography. The museum is centered in a lovely historic 1870's era mansion with a café and museum store.

Address: 216 O St., Sacramento, CA 95814 - MAP
Phone: (916) 808-7000

California State Capital Museum
It's free, it's architecturally stunning and it's a historically rich way to spend your day at the California State Capitol Museum in Sacramento. You'll learn about regional and state political history and get to know the people and issues that have put the state at the center of attention.

Address: 10th Street 10th and L Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 - MAP
Phone: (916)-324-0333

California Automobile Museum
"Experience Automotive Evolution" at the California Automobile Museum located in Sacramento. Cruise around and learn the history of the development of the automobile set in eye-catching displays. Attendees learn the stories behind exhibits like The Politician and the Pop Princess, Going Green and American Muscle. Events have included classic movies, auctions and concerts.

Address: 2200 Front Street, Sacramento, CA 95818 - MAP
Phone: (916) 442-6802

Sutter’s Fort
Step back in time and explore the history of Sutter's Fort. Discover the Fort's important role in the gold rush era and building of Sacramento. The 1850s restored Fort reveals the living quarters, a jail, bakery, and blacksmith shop as the townspeople many years ago would have known them.

Address: 2701 L St., Sacramento, CA 95816 - MAP
Phone: (916) 445-4422

State Indian Museum
Get an in-depth view of California Indian culture at the State Indian Museum. The museum showcases the history of the state's earliest inhabitants, Native American arts and crafts, and how the gold rush changed their lives. You can try your hand at using Indian tools, shop for Native-made jewelry, hand-crafted dolls and California Indian books.

Address: 2618 K St., Sacramento, CA 95814 - MAP
Phone: (916) 324-0971
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